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How to take care of our jewelry

So you’ve recently purchased an awesome piece of jewelry from congratulations, you are having great taste. You would like to keep your jewelry as fresh and nice as possible for the longest time, of course. Follow our tested tips below and your jewelry will be fine for a long time and so will always look good. 


Some of our products are made of a mixture of metals, it is less durable than Stainless steel but most products are cheaper since we are able to make it cheaper than a stainless steel product. You want to avoid playing sports, sweating or swimming. If your piece is dirty or has some kind of tarnish over a period of wear, take 2 tablespoons of baking soda and adds drops of lemon juice. Take a soft toothbrush and scrub the piece with the paste gently, Let it sit in the paste for about 30 minutes and then rinse it with water and dry it thoroughly. 


A lot of our products are made from really durable Stainless steel. It has a really nice finished and it lasts really long and will not fade when it gets in touch with water so it is a very good metal to wear on the daily. It won't break when you accidentally drop it. However it can be scratched, so make sure you store your stainless steel products safe from hard areas. If your stainless steel jewelry needs cleaning, you can often easily rinse it under running water. Completely dry it after with a soft cloth to prevent any water spots and you are good to go. If your stainless steel jewelry needs a thorough cleaning you can use a soft brush when cleaning it under running warm water. Lastly, you are able to polish stainless steel products. Make sure you are using a polish that is safe for stainless steel products.


Silver is a more sensitive product than stainless steel but will get a nice characteristic look over time.
Silver oxidizes upon contact with air, so the silver will inevitably tarnish over time. You can slow down the process by keeping the silver products in an airtight bag or a small container. For example a ziplock bag. If your jewelry starts to look a little dull over time, you are able to clean it with the silver cleaning cloth that comes with every silver piece from Urban Chains. 
If the silver material is really dirty, you can use a soft toothbrush dipped in mild dish soap and warm water. You have to be careful with scrubbing, scrub gentle. 


Those hanging necklace-holders may look pretty, but they can cause your necklace to stretch out or develop bends in weird places. But don't just shove your necklaces in a drawer either, or they could get scratched and tangled. Instead, lay your necklaces flat for storage; a wardrobe drawer will do nicely.


Rings are one thing you can store by hanging up: stick a bunch of thumbtacks in a corkboard and use it to display your ring collection! You can also fill a container with dry rice, or foam and stick your rings in there for safe keeping. Of course, the same containers that work for earrings - ice cube trays, egg cartons, and pill organizers - are great for storing rings too. 


Do not wear our products in pools. Some of our products are water resistant like stainless steel products but they are not water resistant to chlorinated or salted water.


Your jewelry will last much longer if you keep it away from any substance that’s not pH-neutral. So apply your makeup, hairspray, lotion, sunscreen, and perfume first. And let the products sink in, then put on your jewelry for the day. As any jeweler will tell you, your jewelry should be the last thing you put on in the morning, and the first thing you take off at night. Remember to take off your jewelry before using any cleaning products, too, like when scrubbing the floors or washing the windows (which, let’s be real, happens like once a year, but it’s worth keeping in mind when you do eventually get around to it). If your jewelry does come into contact with household chemicals, chlorinated water, or the ocean for any reason, try to rinse it off as soon as possible, wash with gentle hand soap and water, and rinse again.


They say “men sweat, ladies glow.” Just don’t let your “glow” get on your jewelry, ladies. Wearing your jewelry while exercising may cause the finish to tarnish, and worse yet lead to scratches or other damage. If you're the type of person who sweats while doing anything other than sitting in an air-conditioned room, you might also want to wipe off your jewelry with a soft cloth every day before bed. 


So there you have it: cleaning, proper storage, and preventing damage are the keys to success when it comes to keeping your jewelry in top condition. But in between all that cleaning and storage, don't forget to actually enjoy it.